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Patriots Roster Prediction #52: T Mark LeVoir

Player Name: T Mark LeVoir

Experience: 4 Years of Pro Experience, 2 with the Patriots

Past Role: In 2008, LeVoir was asked to start a couple games due to injuries. The Patriots won both of those games. In 2009, LeVoir had a more reserved role due to the emergence of rookie sensation Sebastian Vollmer. However, due to the constant state of injury of the Patriots O-Line (Matt Light and Nick Kaczur combined for 8 missed games), LeVoir was the top back-up as Vollmer was pushed to be a starter.

LeVoir is a capable back-up tackle and also provides depth when the Patriots utilized their 6 O-Line set. LeVoir comes in as a "tight end", but in reality he just provides extra blocking for Tom Brady. While I may have LeVoir down on the roster list, that's more due to the depth of the Patriots and not LeVoir's lack of ability. LeVoir should be able to make the roster- I just hope he doesn't have to see the field.

Predicted Role: LeVoir will do the same thing he did last year. He'll be a back-up tackle who can provide mobility on 6 O-Line sets. The Patriots love having additional depth in case of injury and LeVoir will provide excellent depth.

Predicted Season Numbers: 0 Starts. Look for LeVoir to get around 100 snaps this season in special sets as an additional blocker. With the addition of two quality blocking tight ends in Rob Gronkowski and Alge Crumpler, I expect the 6 O-Line set to be utilized fewer times.

Predicted Depth Chart: #4 Tackle

Summary: LeVoir won't be on the field much as a starter, but he's a good additional blocker on running and passing plays. I'm not sure if he'll be much use if there are no injuries, but he's a capable back-up and will provide great depth.