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5 From Camp: Patriots Training Camp Practice 8 Notes

Some notes and thoughts on the Patriots' 8th training camp practice, the second session of the day:

  • Wes Welker took part in some team drills this practice.  Welker took part in some skeleton drills, but seemed to avoid contact.  Once contact drills began, Welker moved to the side of the field and worked with the training staff again.
  • The Patriots did a lot of one on one, receiver vs. defensive back drills today.  Brandon Tate and Darius Butler were the best match-up, both bringing a lot of athleticism to the table, but Butler ultimately winning the battle.  Rob Gronkowski continued his solid camp performance, beating Gary Guyton a couple of times.  Taylor Price beat Devin McCourty on a long ball down the sideline.  Brandon Spikes performed very well in coverage during the drill.
  • The coaches did some sideline work calling plays during practice.  On the defensive side, Matt Patricia had the headset.  On offense, as expected, Bill O'Brien was calling plays in from the radio.
  • Gary Guyton had an injury scare today.  He appeared to slip on the grass during a passing drill and ended up tweaking his knee.  While the injury doesn't appear too serious, he didn't return to practice after testing out the knee with the training staff.
  • The two minute offense got its first run of camp.  Brady led his unit down into field goal position, finishing the drive on an out to Randy Moss.  Brian Hoyer's group was less successful, failing to move down the field effectively.

So that's it for day four of training camp.  For more, check out Mike Reiss, Ian Rapoport, and Patriots Football Weekly.  The Patriots return to camp tomorrow for another two-a-day, so be sure to stay tuned!