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Patriots Release Darnell Stapleton: What Could This Mean?

The Boston Globe is reporting that the Patriots have released newly added guard Darnell Stapleton. Stapleton was added to provide interior lineman depth as potential left guard Nick Kaczur went out with a back injury, leaving little depth behind him. Kaczur underwent medical review to see how bad his back is doing. The release of Stapleton can mean two things:

1) Nick Kaczur's injury isn't as bad as it was thought to be.

2) Logan Mankins might be getting closer to a contract.

I'm leaning towards the former idea, but I'm hoping that both scenarios are true. I don't see the team releasing Stapleton if there weren't some good news regarding either of those players.

After releasing Stapleton, the team resigned recently let go running back Thomas Clayton. Clayton should add some competition for BenJarvus Green-Ellis and the running backs.