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Patriots Roster Prediction #29: DL Myron Pryor

Player Name: DL Myron Pryor

Experience: 1 Season in the NFL, with the New England Patriots

Past Role: As a rookie, Pryor passed fellow draftee Ron Brace on the depth chart and emerged as the apparent successor to Jarvis Green. With 20 tackles (12 solo), Pryor can handle himself on the line and hold the point of attack. Pryor and Green, it could be said, shared time as Green was prepared to leave in free agency. Pryor was a slicer, often getting into the backfield, but had a difficult time closing and sacking the quarterback.

Predicted Role: While he lacks the height to be an every down defensive end in the 3-4 (he lacks the range to cover two gaps on his own, every down), he should be able to provide solid depth and give the starter some rest. Pryor will be what Jarvis Green was- a pass rushing defensive end who can manage one gap on his own. Pryor will be the second defensive end off the bench and should have a solid sophomore season.

Predicted Season Numbers: 3 Games Started, 16 Games Played, 25 tackles, 2 sacks

Predicted Depth Chart: #2 RDE

Summary: Pryor won't be lighting any stat sheets, but 3-4 defensive ends rarely do. He'll fill the spot left by Jarvis Green and will have a solid season. Pryor won't be the next Richard Seymour, but he'll prove more than worthy of the 6th round pick used on him.