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New England Patriots Links 8/16/10 - Belichick: Brady's Finger Injury 'Not Life Threatening.'

Mike Reiss offers some newsy nuggets from Belichick's Q & A with the media following Sunday morning's walkthrough

No major worry on Brady’s fingers. The quarterback was spotted by the Boston Herald with two fingers on his throwing hand taped. Belichick was asked in his press conference if this was reason for concern. "I don’t think it’s life-threatening," he said, smiling. Asked if it was game-threatening, Belichick playfully dodged the question, saying he can’t wait for the team’s first injury report Sept. 8 ("it’s the highlight of my week."). After his press conference, a more serious Belichick said Brady is fine and there is no major worry in that regard.

Logan Mankins update. Belichick helped clear up a housekeeping-type issue with regard to offensive lineman Logan Mankins. Sunday is reportedly the deadline for teams to send a holdout player a letter informing him of their right to place him on the roster-exempt list, and Mankins’ agent Frank Bauer told the Boston Globe over the weekend: "We haven’t got it yet, but it’ll come. … I would expect them to do everything nasty they can." Yet since Mankins is not under contract, the Patriots have no cause to send the letter and this reported deadline is apparently not a factor when it comes to the team’s dealings with Mankins, according to Belichick.

Monique Walker reports Derrick Burgess wasn't staying at his Mississippi home contemplating retirement.

"I just had a personal situation going on," Burgess said. "I had to take time to take care of, and me and Bill [talked] about it, and he just told me to take my time and get my stuff together."

"No reservations," Burgess said. "I'm happy to be here. I'm glad they allowed me to come back after taking care of my personal business."

Bill Belichick talks about CB Terrence Wheatley's progression from last year and how he's playing with more confidence.

"I think he’s playing with good confidence. He’s made plays consistently on the practice field and in the work against New Orleans," Belichick said. "That has been on a regular basis, not just one here and one there. He’s showed up. The play he made on the goal line against New Orleans was a really good play. He actually had a play that wasn’t the same, but had some similarities to that last year, that he didn’t react nearly as quickly on or as well. But that’s just one small example.

"Overall, he’s playing with good confidence and has been a productive player for us through camp. I definitely think he’s way ahead of where he was last year at this time. I’m not saying he’s where he needs to be, but he’s had a good camp and he’s done well. Again, he’s playing with a lot of confidence."