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Fantasy Football at Pats Pulpit: League Info

We're talking fantasy football again here at Pats Pulpit.  As you know, SB Nation and Pats Pulpit have partnered up with to offer you an exclusive 50% discount on their Fantasy Football Commissioner Product.

Remember, if you signed up for one of the free spots in the league, make sure to check your email for the confirmation.  It is important that you do this ASAP, otherwise we will give your spots away (we already have one person on the "waiting" list.

While the product isn't free, it offers a lot of features that no free league can match include complete customization from league size, to divisions, to rules, to custom logos, etc.  With all of the tools available, I had a lot of fun constructing the league, and I thought that I would share the progress we have made on the league.

Here was some basic information on the Pats Pulpit League:

League Size: 12 Teams

Divisions: 4 (PP North, PP South, PP East, PP West)

Playoff Teams: 6

Offensive Positions: QB (1), RB (2), WR (3), TE (2), WR-TE (1), K (1)

Defensive Positions: DL (2), LB (2), DB (2), DL-LB-DB (1), ST (1)


As a reminder, for those who signed up for the free league, the live draft is NEXT WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25th and 8:30 PM.

To sign up your own Fantasy Football Commissioner League, CLICK HERE! is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.