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New England Patriots Links 8/17/10 - Wilfork Airs It All Out; Patriots In Atlanta

Shalise Manza Young provides some quick hits from camp session No. 25.

The best moment of the day -- and quite possibly the best moment of training camp -- came when the offense and defense switched sides for some 7-on-7 red zone work with Vince Wilfork at quarterback.

Wilfork went 1 for 4, his completion going to Patrick Chung, who was covered by Sam Aiken on the right side of the end zone. On the next play, three defensive backs lined up trips right, and Wilfork's fade was too high and too deep for Darius Butler. That particular throw was pretty ugly. Butler dropped a slant on the next snap.

"He really made some good reads out there, although he didn't have a rush, so he sat out there for a good 10 seconds trying to get rid of the ball," Wes Welker said, unsurprised by Wilfork's mobility. "He's an athlete; don't let the size fool you."

Wilfork's impressive morning wasn't finished: when the team went back to "normal" and did some 11-on-11 work, he nearly picked off a Tom Brady screen pass over the middle. Wilfork seemed to come out of nowhere, and got both hands on the ball but couldn't hang onto it. He danced around in excitement, with Brandon Meriweather hopping on his back at one point.

Vince Wilfork appeared as a guest on WEEI's Dale and Holley show Monday.

As a group, are you happy with this young group of players that has come in, especially on the defensive side of the ball?

I’m very happy and I think that they’re starting to see guys that have been around the game for a while, either around the league or been a New England Patriot. They start to see how we handle ourselves and how we go to work day in and day out. That’s one thing that has gotten better. Like I said, we haven’t had any complaints. We come in to work. Not once have I heard anybody complain about full-pads and that’s good stuff. I think everyone is working toward one goal to win and be a better football team. A tough, smart football team. Bill said it from day one that’s what he wants. I think we’re doing everything in our willpower to be that type of team. I think the young guys are starting to look at guys, you don’t have to say much, they just look and see how we work and they just pick up. They’ve been doing a hell of a job so we’re going to need everybody to step up and will ballgames. Take it one game at a time, take it week by week and we’ll be where we want. We’ve got to grind and we all understand that.