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New England Patriots Links 8/18/10 - Brady: New Guys Bring Energy, Excitement, Challenge of New Schemes

Bill Belichick Press Conference transcript.

Q: Coach Smith talked about five situations that you wanted to get through. What are your objectives here in the joint practices?

BB: As I said, everything that we do, we’re just trying to get better as a football team – offense, defense, special teams. We have first, second, third-down situations, red area, special teams. We’re not doing everything. We’re not doing goal line. We’re not doing two minute, but the situations that we’re working on I think will benefit us. In one day, it’s just hard to get everything in, so we wanted to concentrate in certain areas and feel like we’re making progress in those. Instead of just doing one of everything, we’ll put a little more time into third down and red area stuff.

Tom Brady meets with the media following practice.

(On why he works so hard on every rep)

TB: If the quarterback won't do it, then who will do it? I think that's how I always think about it. If it's like, ‘hey guys, that's all right. It was a [bad] play, but we'll get the next one.' That's not the way it works. The first rep of a drill is always the most important because you never get it back. It always sets the tempo and the timing. You don't go out and throw interceptions. You don't walk around. You don't jog through unless it's a jog through period. We're coming out here and competing. We came a long way for these practices. May as well come out and play our best.

Erik Scalavino offers some Tuesday practice notes from Georgia, spotlighting Randy Moss.

Randy Moss made some ridiculous catches on the other end of Tom Brady passes during 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 activity. Working against a scout team early in practice, Brady went deep to Moss on the right practice field, closest to the fans. Moss separated from the corner and safety trying to guard him and made the catch about 50 yards downfield inside the red zone. Later, in 7-on-7, Brady found Moss down the right sideline in spectacular fashion. Moss was covered, perhaps illegally, by Falcons defensive back Brian Williams, who appeared to be holding Moss’ left arm. As the ball floated toward Moss, he extended his right arm, the nose of the ball falling right into Moss’ palm and staying there. Moss then effortlessly pulled the ball to his body, while Williams still held his other arm, and kept both feet in bounds to complete the catch.

The play of the morning came when ones took on ones – the Patriots offense against the Falcons defense. From under center, Brady took the snap and faked an end-around to Welker, which the Falcons seemed to read nicely. But the Atlanta secondary couldn’t contain Moss, who again found separation some 50 yards downfield and Brady tossed a perfect pass into his receiver’s waiting arms.





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