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New England Patriots Links 8/02/10 - Welker Wants To Play Week 1

Sunday Morning Camp.  <em>(Photo credit my daughter Grace)</em>
Sunday Morning Camp. (Photo credit my daughter Grace)

Wes Welker spoke with the press following his first appearance at practice off the PUP list.  Here's a sample:

Q: You said you are not 100 percent yet. Do you feel like you've been at the same place for quite a while and you have that one final hump to get over?

WW: I feel like there's improvement every time. I think I can constantly get better at my game. The knee feels great and the shoulder feels great. It's just a matter of teaching the muscles, ‘Hey, this is how you are supposed to move. You are supposed to get out of your breaks like this. You are supposed to be able to explode out like this.' And really, [it's about] kind of getting them back in that shape.

Q: Is one ahead of the other? Is your shoulder better than your knee? Is your knee ahead of your shoulder?

WW: I wouldn't say that one is any better than the other. They both have their days. It's like a girlfriend. They have good days. They have bad days. You wake up and you roll with the punches.

Q: Are you worried at all about getting back all the way?

WW: No, not at all. It's [about] just consistently working on a daily basis and making sure that we are getting those muscles back firing and doing what they know they can do. Eventually we will get there.

Robert Lee notes Devin McCourty is quickly learning that lining up against NFL receivers, as opposed to college ones, is a different beast.

"When you line up against any of those guys at wide receiver, you’re going against the best receivers in the world so that is a big step up," McCourty said.

Competing against players like Randy Moss and Wes Welker in practice can only make McCourty better.

"When you’re going up against a guy that’s that good, you’re really prepared to go up against anyone in this league," McCourty said. "When you get to go against the best, you have no choice but to get better."

The Patriots are known to have one of the most difficult defensive playbooks to master, but McCourty said that he has a good grasp on what he’s learned so far.

"I’m getting more comfortable day-by-day," McCourty said. "Each day it’s something new that goes in but we get a good amount of time to go back and study."