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NFL Redzone on Xfinity

As you have previously seen on this blog, XFinity is a very generous sponsor of the SB Nation Football Network, including Pats Pulpit.  In 2010, they are graciously sponsoring our blog once again.

If you're an NFL fan, you pretty much can't go without NFL redzone.  Contrary to the expensive NFL Ticket on DirecTV, NFL Redzone is a very affordable way to catch the action from out of market games, including games that are locally blacked out.  With NFL redzone, you get to see every touchdown from every game as it happens live,  every Sunday.  Not to mention, it's commercial free.  It's also a must have for any fantasy football junkies.

Some more details on NFL Redzone:

NFL RedZone is a ground breaking channel designed to deliver the touchdowns and most important moments during all the Sunday afternoon games. When a team gets inside the 20 yard line, NFL RedZone takes you there. The channel, hosted by NFL Network's Scott Hanson, is in its second year of existence and delivers more than just live game action. NFL RedZone also offers comprehensive game coverage, up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, extended highlights, and more.

I've used NFL Redzone in the past, and it really is a unique tool.  For more details, check out, or call 1-800-COMCAST.  For those in the Boston area, the NFL Redzone channel is on channel 287 for standard definition, and channel 899 for high definition.