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New England Patriots Links 8/31/10 - 'Anxiousness, Apprehension' Among Players

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<em>Brady and the starters were told to be ready to play on Thursday</em>.
Brady and the starters were told to be ready to play on Thursday.

Bill Belichick explains the process when a player gets called in to be cut from the roster.

We talk to each player whatever his situation is. Sometimes we release him. Sometimes they are in a PUP or IR type situation. Sometimes they are involved in a practice squad type of transaction. Whatever it is, we talk to the player. We talk to his representatives and try to get everybody on the same page.

I think that there’s anxiousness or an apprehension with players at this point of the season relative to a lot of things. We are all a little unsettled on something whether it’s coaching decisions or whether it’s players being on the team, what their role is, what their playing time looks like to them, so forth. I think a lot of us fall into that category for one reason or another. It’s pretty common in training camp or any kind of a competitive situation like that. Once there is a deadline for certain decisions, at least something is determined after that. Maybe not everything, but something’s determined.

Tim Graham (ESPN) Words of wisdom from Bill Belichick when asked by a reporter if he feels uncertainties about his team.

"I think every coach feels like that. I can't imagine that you wouldn't. Regular season and preseason are two different things. Teams start game planning against you. Then you find out a little bit more about where you're really at on some things. Preseason, you're running your plays. They're running their plays. Sometimes they match up. Sometimes they don't. You're playing a lot of people. There are a lot of different matchups

"It's hard to get a read on it. Once you get to the regular season, nobody holds back. You get their best game plan. You get your toughest matchups. You try to create [tough matchups] for them. Your weaknesses get exposed. You try to get to your strengths, but they don't let you get to them as easily. And you're doing the same.

"It's a whole different game. Until that happens, I don't think you are really sure where exactly everything is. It's different in the regular season."