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Should the Pats Pursue Aaron Schobel?

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It's not often that Patriots uber-beat reporter Mike Reiss tells the Patriots what they should do, but today Reiss laid out a great argument for bringing in Tom Brady's nemesis. It's hard not to agree that this move seems like a slam dunk.

Schobel was solid in 2009 with some ups and downs but the kind of player the Patriots would seem desperate for , i.e. someone who will get to the quarterback.

Regardless of Schobel's age, you cannot disqualify the effect of playing on a good team could have on him. Clearly he's at a stage in his career where he'll want to go to a team that can win the Super Bowl in the next season or two.

The Patriots could extend his career by using him in the role they used Derrick Burgess in last season. Mostly hand down pass rushing, which Schobel is used to, with a sprinkling of linebacker or defensive end when needed and as he picks up the defense.

The only question that matters is whether or not the Patriots are even interested. But if they were (and they probably should be), the question becomes if Schobel sees the Pats as contenders, or if he'd prefer to be closer to where he grew up, i.e. the Houston Texans. I'd have to put the Pats as better Super Bowl contenders than them.

What do you guys think?