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New England Patriots Links 8/06/10 - Brandon Meriweather Defines Leadership

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<em>Brandon Meriweather, having a strong Training Camp, knows all about leadership</em>.
Brandon Meriweather, having a strong Training Camp, knows all about leadership.

Shalise Manza Young asks Brandon Meriweather about leadership on the defense.

"What’s the definition of a leader?’’ Meriweather asked a reporter, who replied someone who takes charge and whom others follow. "I don’t know, I think James Sanders is a leader and he don’t say nothing. So just because you take charge that makes you a leader? Or that just makes you somebody who talks a lot?

"Personally I think a leader is somebody who goes out, don’t really say much, but does everything he’s supposed to, steps up when he’s supposed to, takes charge by his action, not by what he says. So [by] my definition of a leader, I think everyone on our team is a leader.’’

Andy Hart offers his Thursday AM practice 14 observations.  Here are a couple of them:

During two-minute action late in practice Brady led his unit to a field goal, kicking things off with consecutive completions to a crossing Welker and Moss running an out. He followed with an out to Hernandez. The next pass to Welker was broken up by Butler. The drill concluded with Belichick calling for a third-and-10 situation from the 30 with the offense needing a field goal with just 23 seconds to play. Brady completed an out pattern to Hernandez to set up a 38-yard field goal.

Brady has spent a lot of time talking to Hernandez and tutoring him, and clearly hasn’t shied away from throwing him the ball in team drills. Not bad for a youngster when in a two-minute drill to be the only guy not named Moss or Welker to catch passes.

Mark Farinella describes one of the hits Welker took at practice.

Wes Welker was participating in the 11-on-11 drills for the first time, and he got a little wakeup call when, on a crossing pattern from right to left, he ran into a standing-still Jerod Mayo and bounced off him to the ground. Welker got right up, however. Welcome back, Wes.