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Welker Responds to Rex Ryan's "Soon To Be Champs"

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Adam Schefter and Chris "Mort" Mortensen are taking their act on the road this summer, stopping by training camps and providing their insight (in Schefter's case) and lack of insight (in Mort's case).

At yesterday's stop with the New York Jets, Rex Ryan signed the Jets decal on the side of the Schefter-Mort Mobile and below it wrote "Soon to be Champs."

One thing about Rex, he sure is consistent. I love what Rex brings to the rivalry, but at some point shouldn't he realize that every team they play is going to be fired up to beat the arrogant bunch of a-holes who don't shut their pieholes? Oh well, good luck with that Jets.

Today the Shefter-Mort Mobile stopped by Foxboro and Wes Welker climbed aboard to chat. After Schefter asked him if he really was crying on the sidelines of Houston after being injured last year (seriously), it was Wes' turn to sign the bus.

If you've got NFL Live on DVR I highly suggest you watch this part. Wes clearly does a double take when he sees what Sexy Rexy wrote. He thinks for a second then writes "One Game at a Time".

Nice job, Wes. This is the Patriot way.