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Patriots Training Camp Day 10: Afternoon Highlights

Referees made a big appearance today. They ran down the new rules in the NFL, specifically the relocation of the ref who stood 7 yards beyond the line of scrimmage on the defensive side of the ball. However, due to teams like the Patriots designing plays (I'm sure Bill Polian was in on this rule change) to use the ref as a "pick" to create separation from a defensive player, this ref has been moved to behind the quarterback. This will impact how cross routes will be run (Welker can no longer run in front of the ref to get the quick pass) and also how teams run hurry up offenses. With the ref behind the quarterback and farther away from the play, they'll take longer to place the ball, meaning offenses might be slowed a second or two due to referee movement.

Refs also stayed around and threw flags at practice to keep players honest and make sure that everything was game-legal. Brady flapped his hands around when a pass interference wasn't thrown (but, once again, I'm pretty sure these refs were simulating a Colts game where pass interferences never go the Patriots way).

Myron Pryor has returned from his injury with a bang. He made a goal-line stop of BenJarvus Green-Ellis and has re-entered his name into the "Potential RDE Starter" competition.

Brandon Spikes has been taking first team defense snaps next to Jerod Mayo due to the absence of Gary Guyton.

Ron Brace was in sweats and running sprints, so he could be joining the team sometime soon, if he passes his test. If.

Jonathan Wilhite looked baaaaad apparently. He was abused by Julian Edelman, was out of position and, sadly, that seems to be the "same ol' Wilhite." This could be why the Patriots picked up DB DeAngello Willingham.

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