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New England Patriots Links 9/01/10 - With Bodden Out, Young Corners Need To Man Up Fast

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Ian Rapoport looks at just how valuable was Leigh Bodden to the Patriots.

According to, Bodden’s numbers were better than every other Patriots CB across the board.

Bodden allowed exactly 50 percent of the passes into his coverage to be completed (45 catches on 90 targets) for a total of 515 yards (11.4 yards per catch). Butler, meanwhile, allowed 36 catches in the 64 times he was thrown (56 percent) and he gave up 11.9 yards per catch. Similar.

But where the difference came was in "playing the ball," as coach Bill Belichick likes to say.
Bodden deflected 12 passes along with his five picks, while Butler only deflected three other passes besides his three interceptions. Let’s look at it another way.

Opposing quarterbacks had a passer rating of 59.3 when throwing at Bodden, with Butler having the next best number of 67.6.  Next came the departed Shawn Springs (94.1 rating into his coverage), then Jonathan Wilhite (115.3). Terrence Wheatley, who may now make the team after all, was 86.8, but with just 21 snaps and three passes thrown his way.

Wilhite’s other numbers were, well, not so sweet. The site says he watched as 65.7 percent of the passes thrown his way were completed (44 catches on 67 throws) for an average of 15 yards per catch. Yikes.  In addition, he didn’t touch any other passes besides the two picks he made.

The worst news? Wilhite was beaten for six touchdowns, compared to Butler’s two and Bodden’s four… and both players had 240-plus more snaps than Wilhite.

Karen Guregian notes that if it were up to the players many of the starters would like to play in the final preseason game to get last week's debacle out of their heads.

Yeah, I think we’re all expecting to play," linebacker Tully Banta-Cain said. "Obviously, last week left a bad taste in our mouth, so we definitely want to get some good plays, and some good defensive football going so that we go into the season with a little more confidence knowing we’re capable of doing it, even though I don’t think last Thursday’s game tells the whole story of us as a team. It’s definitely not something we want to be remembering going into the season."