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New England Patriots Links 9/13/10 - Patriots Looking Fast, Fresh and Physical In 38-24 Win Over Bengals

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<em>Wes Welker celebrates after scoring his second TD of the day against the Bengals.  Welcome back!</em>
Wes Welker celebrates after scoring his second TD of the day against the Bengals. Welcome back!

Tom Brady talks about the win Sunday.

It was a fun day today, I'll tell you that. The celebration after the game is what it's all about. We have a lot of new faces in here, and we've been working pretty hard for the entire offseason. Coach said a lot of really meaningful things last night and one of them [was], ‘You know guys, this is when we start keeping score. All of the work we've put in, this is what it's all about.' So it was good to come out. We started really fast. The defense made some really big plays: two returns for touchdowns, which really sparked us. And then throwing it to Wes [Welker] and scoring a couple touchdowns was good, too. Everyone contributed; I think that was the good part about today.

Gary Guyton talks about his interception return for a touchdown.

(On fear of being caught by the QB) "Yes, there definitely was. All I could think of was ‘Run, Gary, run. And get the touchdown.' There was definitely a fear. If I get caught by the quarterback, I won't hear the last of it. All I was thinking about was running."

(On making the play) "I was reading my responsibility. And once I looked back at the quarterback, the ball was in the air, so I decided to make a play on it. I just put my arms out, squeezed the ball and kept on running."

(On this being every defensive player's dream) "It is. It's my first one. Going into my third year, so I finally got me a pick and a touchdown."

Vince Wilfork discusses getting pressure on the quarterback Sunday.

"We know what we have here. We hear a lot of stuff about the pass rush and the rush defense, DBs, this and that. We try to avoid that stuff. Going through camp out there, we had guys knowing what to expect, how to play. We put a game plan together today and executed it. Everything's not perfect, don't get me wrong, but we did what we wanted to do. We came out with a W. We started the game fast and we finished. Even though there were some little bumps and stuff, some things that we gave up, but we finished. We won the game. Each week get better. This is the first week of many and this week, we have to be better than last week. It's pretty encouraging just to see how we can execute a game plan and play as a team, what we can do. So, it's going to be all about that going forward."