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New England Patriots Links 9/14/10 - Jets Week Hype Is Back

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Bill Belichick touches on several topics during his Monday presser.

Randy said yesterday that he doesn't feel appreciated. Do you think there is any reason he should feel that way?

I feel the same way as I have felt about Randy for the last three years. He's a good football player. I'm glad he's on our team. I think he adds a lot to our football team. He's got good energy. Everybody likes him. He's fun to have on the team and he's a good player.

Did you have any problem with the forum in which he released his opinions - after a game?

I really wasn't even aware of it until today. You had the access...You guys must have loved it. [Laughter]

Carson Palmer said after the game that he was confused early on with some of the disguising you guys did in pre-snap and post-snap looks. Did you notice them looking confused on anything?

They looked like they did a pretty good job there getting to where they wanted to go, from about the end of the second quarter on. He made a lot of great throws. He's a really good quarterback. They've got good receivers, good backs, a good tight end, a good scheme. It was a little bit of a chess match. We had our moments. They had theirs. But they're good. They're hard to defend. They have a lot of weapons. You just can't do the same thing all the time because they've got too many different people to go to. I don't think it was a case of that. Give the credit to the players. They executed some things well. The interception and the fumble were two big turnovers. Even though we didn't get any points out of the fumble, it was still - that was a big play. We had a couple good third-down stops early in the game and our offense converted those, so all those things came together and made it 24-3, 24-0 or whatever, and we were able to play from ahead in the second half, which is a nice position to be in. Had it gone the other way, who knows.