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New England Patriots Links 9/15/10 - Maroney Traded; Moss Wants To Retire A Patriot

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<em>Tom Brady ties Joe Montana for most Sports Illustrated covers ever by a football player, with 12</em>.
Tom Brady ties Joe Montana for most Sports Illustrated covers ever by a football player, with 12.

Karen Guregian and Ian Rapoport report the trade took Laurence Maroney by surprise.

Reached by phone at the airport before his flight to Denver, Maroney described himself as disappointed - "because I didn’t see this coming," he said - with the trade.

"It is what it is," Maroney told the Herald. "It was just one of those situations. I had some great opportunities there. I felt like I had some good times running the ball, and some not so good times. I got hurt. I could never really get going.

"But I loved playing there. Now I have to move on to Denver."

Karen Guregian simplifies Randy Moss's remarks into this: He wants to continue playing for a coach and team he dearly loves and then retire as a Patriot.

"I really don’t know from Mr. Kraft’s perspective. Hopefully, he’s not too (ticked) with me," Moss said. "Bill just said, ‘Is everything OK?’ I said, ‘Yeah, coach. I’m not mad, I’m not bitter.’ And he understood in a certain sense where I was coming from. Not fully, don’t get me wrong. But the business side of it, he does understand. So, I told him, ‘Coach, you probably won’t hear from me again the rest of the year talkin’ about my contract. It’s just something I wanted to get out there and now that it’s in the air, and off my chest, you won’t hear no more about it from me after this.’ "

"Bill has his own mystique about him," Moss said. "He did seem like he was very supportive of me. He might not seem like he’s a very supportive guy to y’all. But I love playing for Bill. I love him as a man, I love him as a coach. He might not show his love inside, most of the time. When it’s all said and done, I love playing for the man."