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New England Patriots Links 9/17/10 - Pat Chung: "It's All About Execution."

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<em>Pat Chung brings his aggressive, hard-hitting style to New Jersey.</em>.
Pat Chung brings his aggressive, hard-hitting style to New Jersey..

Christopher Price lists Ten things worth keeping an eye on in Sunday's game. Here are a few:

How quickly Tom Brady can get rid of the ball. The Patriots will take every opportunity to get the ball out as soon as possible to try and avoid the Jets’ pass rush. Look for Brady to spend a lot of time in the shotgun, or utilizing quick three-step drops and focusing on short routes to targets like Welker, Julian Edelman (if either are healthy enough to play), as well as tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. (In that same vein, New York will take every opportunity to hit Brady — the more quarterback hits they put on Brady, the better they’ll feel about their chances.)

Brady said the Patriots didn’t execute as well as it should have the first time the teams met in 2009, but the rematch was another story, a 31-14 win for New England.

"What we showed in the second game was we were better prepared for what they were doing," Brady said. "[In] the first game we played, we didn’t do a very good job of picking up their pressures. They’re a blitzing team. If you don’t pick up a blitzing team’s blitzes, they’re going to stay at it. They really got after us and forced a lot of drives [where] we ended up killing ourselves."

Kevin Faulk. Faulk is important in this one for two reasons: First, he’s one of the best running backs in the league at blitz pickup, and the Jets are one of the most blitz-happy teams in the league. Second, the presence of Faulk as a pass-catcher out of the backfield (whether it’s on screens or swing passes) will help take some of the pressure off Brady. If the quarterback can find the usually sure-handed Faulk quickly out of the backfield (or even if he’s split wide, as he was several times last week against the Bengals), it would certainly cause the Jets to think twice about adjusting their pressure packages.

Wes Welker. By his own admission, the slot receiver is not at 100 percent, but if he’s hobbled, he’s still a mighty weapon against the Jets. Last season against New York, his missed the opener, but he more than made up for it the second time around, hauling in a career-high 15 catches for 192 yards in the victory over the Jets. Expect New York to be physical with Welker — Ryan said Thursday the Jets are going to "hit him."

"If he’s going to catch that many passes, we’ve got to hit him. We’ve got to get our hands on him and not give him free releases," said the Jets coach. "All those kind of things, we’re going to try to do, but he and Brady are a tough combination. He’s going to get his catches, but we’ve just got to limit the run after the catch."