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Report: Patriots To Sign Former Jets Running Back Danny Woodhead

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In late August 2009, the Patriots released quarterback Kevin O'Connell.  O'Connell was claimed off waivers by the Detroit Lions, who traded him to the New York Jets just a week later.  Oddly enough, the second team on the Jets' schedule that year was New England.

Even stranger, Kevin O'Connell was named a captain for the week two game against the Patriots.  There's little question that O'Connell was an instrumental part in the Jets gameplan against the Patriots, a game that saw the Jets come out on top 16-9 and O'Connell named a captain.

Well, the Patriots may have finally gotten their revenge.  Flash forward to this week; running back Danny Woodhead is released by the New York Jets to make room for receiver David Clowney.  With the Patriots having recently traded running back Laurence Maroney, a spot on the roster became available.

In comes Danny Woodhead.  According to a Boston Herald report, the Patriots have signed the third year running back/wide receiver to a contract.  While I sincerely doubt that Bill Belichick will make Woodhead a captain on Sunday, there's no question that having him around will help the Patriots gameplan for the Jets.  These things don't happen by coincidence.

While snagging Woodhead is certainly an intriguing move, he does have some value on the field as well.  Although he is undersized at 5'9" and 200 lbs, he is blazing fast and quick (4.33 40 yard dash, 4.08 shuttle), and brings a strong work ethic.  He is also versatile, with the ability to play in the backfield, at receiver, and on special teams.  In short, he's a Patriots-type of player, so I wouldn't be surprised if he sticks around for a little while.