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Xfinity NFL Redzone Freeview Sunday

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This post is sponsored by Xfinity.

As you probably know, we've talked a lot about Xfinity and the NFL Redzone channel here at Pats Pulpit over the past few months. Xfinity is a big sponsor for us, but this opportunity should really interest any Patriots fan.

This Sunday, September 19th, starting at 1 PM, all people in the Xfinity market will have an opportunity to preview the NFL Redzone channel, for FREE. The freeview will span both the early games and the late games. This means, before you watch the Patriots take on the Jets at 4:15 PM, you can watch all of the thrilling moments, goal line stands, and red zone plays from all the games on Sunday. And remember, it's all commercial free. For more, call 1-800-COMCAST or visit The freeview will be on channels 287 (standard) and 899 (high definition) in the Boston area.