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A Patriots Fans' Review of Hard Knocks Episode 4: Let's Go Eat a Gaddam Snack!

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After a down week comedy-wise with episode three, episode four came back with a vengeance, topping the unintentional comedy scales multiple times. Maybe it's because the Jets looked pretty bad all preseason, especially on offense, and it seems that the cracks are starting to appear.

De-constructing episode four of Jets Hard Knocks after the jump...

When Bill Belichick said that he'd probably see parts of Hard Knocks at some point I wondered what he might be looking for when he did watch. Sure, it would be nice to get some bulletin board material. Something to tell the Pats before they take the field at the new Meadowlands in week two.

But then I realized he also would probably be looking for any tidbits of insight he could gleam into the Jets, specifically their players, that might give him an advantage. Though I'm sure many of these tidbits would be apparent on the preseason game film, I think Hard Knocks has given the rest of the NFL a little too much insight into their organization.

The episode opened with the coaches dismayed at the lack of leadership on the team. Rex was a little worried about Nick Mangold, that the lucrative new contract had gone to his head. Rex and Mangold even crossed paths in a late night Taco Bell run. Personally I think Mangold will be just fine. Sorry, don't mean to bum you out, my Patriots comrades.

This will cheer you up. One of the biggest question for the Jets offense this season is who will replace left guard Alan Faneca. Will it be rookie Vlad Ducasse, or hungry veteran Matt Slauson? Slauson has the edge right now because he can at least run block. Pass block, not so much. But that's still better than Vlad the Inhaler, who looks almost as lost as Joe McKnight does, and also almost got Sanchez "Tom Brady'd" in their game.

Clearly the Patriots and the rest of the NFL should look to attack their left guard, especially in passing situations.

Mark Sanchez continues to come off like an immature kid, a generally chill goofball. Which is great if he's one of your braus and you're about to hit up the cantina for some margaritas. But to lead a professional football team? I'm not so sure.

Even Kris Jenkins would point out during the Redskins game after Sanchez threw another pick that he "needs the practice".

Jason Taylor seems like he loves his Maserati a little more than he likes getting to the stadium and practice on time. He was late twice and seems less than ready to assume "one-hundred percent of the snaps" he's about to get until Calvin Pace returns.

One of the highlights of the episode came with Rex's pregame speech, which was made even more delightful by the knowledge that the Jets went out and laid another turd.

Rex told the team he wasn't a great leader, that he didn't want to be "just some slapdick team", and closed with a passionate "let's go eat a gaddam snack!", I kid you not.

Another great moment was when Bart Scott lost his temper with one of the Redskins, leading the Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to call him "this fucking Bart guy!". But Rex told him not to be mad because he told Scott to play like that. To play with passion.

"There's a difference between passionate and stupid," replied Pettine. Seems like a recurring theme with this fucking Bart guy.

Patriots fans probably won't find it very sad at all to hear that Kevin O'Connell was cut in this episode. We all remember O'Connell being named captain for the 2009 week two Patriots' game, just days after being cut by New England. Sorry Kevin. Maybe you can sell your Patriots knowledge somewhere else.

If one moment had to sum up the whole current Jets operation it had to be when Rex and Mike Tannenbaum were discussing the 49 Jets who can actually play. (Note - NFL rosters can hold up to 53)

Rex said of his team "we've got great front liners, and that's what you want", before nodding insecurely, thinking about his atrocious backups who didn't even amount to a full NFL roster.

The Jets have a pretty good bark, but they don't have much depth. They're a different team without Darrelle Revis and it seems like everyone is starting to realize that they might be without him for at least the start of the season.

Even Rex was smart enough to know that the first three games - Ravens, Patriots, @ Dolphins - will be their hardest. Without Revis to shut down Anquan Boldin, Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall, the Jets could be looking at a pretty big hole, pretty quickly.

Sadly there's just one episode left. If we could somehow extend it through the season I think you'd probably have the number one show on TV.