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New England Patriots Links 9/21/10 - Brady Frustrated, Not Discouraged

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<em>Gerard Warren is proving a solid defender on the line.</em>
Gerard Warren is proving a solid defender on the line.

Bill Belichick assesses Sunday's loss to the Jets with the media.

After watching the tape [and] going through the game, there're obviously a lot of things we need to do better. [I] feel like we can do better - should do better. So we've just got to get back to work this week and get ready for Buffalo and also get things straightened out on our end - just things we need to do better. It's pretty much across the board and all three phases of the game: playing, coaching, offense, defense, special teams, you name it. It's just not as efficient as what it needs to be.

I couldn't put [the game turning] on one play. We looked at the tape. We had a lot of corrections on everything - just things we needed to do better: offense, defense, special teams [and] all four downs. A lot of times there're good things on the play and one thing messes it up. Sometimes there're some bad things on a play and one good thing saves it. Overall, we need to do a better job.

Fred Taylor tells the young guns it's time to grow up.

"It’s time to grow up," Taylor said of questions about the growing pains of Patriots rookies and second-year players learning to deal with losses like Sunday’s 28-14 setback in the Meadowlands. "Growing pains. You either get it or you’re out of it. That’s the way this league works."

"I don’t want to say young defense or this or that," he continued. "We’re all professional athletes right now playing professional football in the NFL. All of us are getting paid quite well do to our job so that’s the only thing I expect from the guys on the team. Personally, I always try to do my hardest, whether it’s to uplift the team, inspire guys around me, I always give it a 110 when I’m out there."