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New England Patriots Links 9/22/10 - Patriots Lose Warrior Kevin Faulk

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Tim Graham (ESPN) Kevin Faulk's injury will sting Patriots.

"That role is a lot more than having the ball in your hands," Belichick said. "Kevin is in there a lot of plays when he doesn't have it in his hands, blocking, blitz pickup, formation. It's not just handling the ball."

Monique Walker gets Wes Welker's thoughts on Kevin Faulk's injury.

"Kevin is such a unique player," Welker siad. "He's such a great match up for us against teams and not only that he's a great leader and a great guy. Whenever you put him in the game, [opponents] don't know if we're going to go empty and throw the ball around, which he's almost like a receiver out there and the great thing about him is that he can play running back too. It creates a problem for them of what personnel they want to put in the game. He's definitely a great player for us, and I hope everything turns out alright for him."

Karen Guregian reports newly signed RB Danny Woodhead may come in handy, as he had a similar job to Faulk.

"That’s exactly what he did," Belichick said. "He actually made (the Jets) as a receiver. He played kinda between receiver and sub back for the Jets."

We’ll start working with him this week and see what type of progress we make," Caserio said. "He was a really productive player, albeit at a (lesser) level of competition (in college), but his production was astronomical. Typically with smaller-school players, you’d like to see them produce at a very high level, and he did that at Chadron State."