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New England Patriots Links 9/23/10 - Faulk Plans To 'Rehab His Butt Off'; Patriots Prepare For Buffalo

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Bill Belichick addresses the media yesterday.

Another big division game for us here this week. Buffalo has got a little new look from when we played them in the past, but a lot of familiar faces. As usual, [they're] a tough, physical team. They play hard. [They] had a couple tough losses here against Miami and Green Bay, but they played both teams very well and things kind of got away from them in the fourth quarter, end of the third quarter against Green Bay. As usual, [they're] real good in the kicking game, good returners, good specialists, real good backs, big-play receivers – [Roscoe] Parrish, Lee Evans. Defensively, [they're] physical. [They] play in a 3-4. I think they're playing stouter up there, a little more physical style of play than they've had in the past. [They're] very good in the secondary – [Jairus] Byrd, [Donte] Whitner are back there, two active safeties and big corners. They do a good job. [This is a] big division game. We always have a tough game with them. It's always a physical game. We had a really hard time last year moving the ball, throwing the ball against them, so I hope we can have a little more production that we had last year and also play good defense and play well in the kicking game, because that's what it's going to take.

Tom Brady discusses what he'll see from the Bills' defense, especially with a new coordinator.

They're big. They're physical. I think that they're definitely a team that plays with great effort. They have some guys on the D-line that never stop working. In the secondary, they have guys that can make plays. Last year, they had 33-of-35 takeaways or something like that - second most in the league. They have some guys that can intercept the ball. [Drayton] Florence is an interceptor. Jairus Byrd's an interceptor. [Donte] Whitner's playing good football. [Terrence] McGee - [we've] played against him a bunch. So, if they can get a good rush, they can make plays on the ball, so we have to be pretty careful with what we're doing back there.