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Pulse of the Pulpit: Week 2 Play of the Game

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We're back for our second "Pulse of the Pulpit: Play of the Game Series." Before we get to this week's candidates, lets look at how the polling turned out last week:

First Place (46%): Brandon Tate's 97 Yard Kick Return Touchdown to Open 2nd Half

Second Place (32%): 59 yard pick-six by #59 Gary Guyton

Third Place (13%): Wes Welker's nine yard reception on the Patriots' first possession

Nominees for this week after the jump!

This week, due to the fact that I don't feel like reviewing the game (I wonder why), we're going to make the polling really quite simple for you. I think we all know what the play of the week is:

Randy Moss' One Handed Touchdown On Darrelle Revis

Randy Moss' 2nd quarter touchdown catch will certainly go down as one the greatest catches of his Hall-of-Fame career. The catch was not only significant because it gave the Patriots a seven point lead with less than two minutes before half, but because Randy essentially showed up Darrelle, after all of the smack-talking that had been going on between the two all week. Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

Aaron Hernandez' 46 Yard Catch and Run

Yeah, this was a nice play. But did you see Randy Moss' catch?

Okay, go vote. And I think you know my pick.