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Why the Bills Could Beat the Patriots

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Week 3 should be an easy rebound game- right? Not so fast. Let's ignore recent history and examine some key reasons why the Patriots could lose to the Bills.

1. C.J. Spiller + Marshawn Lynch + Fred Jackson - One of the most dangerous three-headed monsters in the league. The Bills, in the past, have usually been good for 100+ running yards and a touchdown every game against the Patriots. I don't see why this game should be any different. The Patriots seem to have the personnel to slow down Lynch and Jackson this year, but running backs like Spiller always seem to be kryptonite for the defense. Backs like Leon Washington, who are shifty and have great speed, always have great games against the Patriots' beefy defensive line. Even though no one is afraid of the Bills offensive line, it has never really been a strong point in recent years and their backs have done well enough. So expect a good day from the Bills running game; it might be where all their scoring comes from.

Find out how else the Bills might be able to pull off a W on Sunday after the jump!

2. The Bills Secondary - The Jets aren't the only team in New York to feature a top pass defense. The Jets finished #1 against the pass in 2009; the Bills finished #2. For an offense that survives by passing the ball, the Patriots could be in for a trap game. If the Bills are able to shut down the passing game, or even just hinder it, this game could get close. The Bills running game, even behind its shoddy offensive line, is still superior to the Patriots running game (especially sans Kevin Faulk and Laurence Maroney) and new quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't afraid to throw the ball downfield. The Patriots need to create mismatches in the secondary- but they especially need to avoid turning the ball over to the interception-happy secondary of the Bills.

3. 2nd Half Adjustments - Same old story, same old song and dance, my friends. How will the Patriots adjust to the Bills? I don't need to spout facts about how poor of a job the Patriots have done adjusting during the game over the past two seasons- they've been just terrible. If the Bills come and figure out a way to stop the offense, how will the Patriots counter that? If the Bills are picking apart our defense, how will the Patriots adjust? Two questions that I don't really have any confidence in the Patriots answering. Yeah, it's the Bills, but the Patriots have been that bad at fixing in-game issues.