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Why the Patriots Could Beat the Bills

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1. Bills Offensive Line - They have the worst offensive line in the entire NFL. The Patriots seem to have an emerging pass rush (or at least have had the appearance of a pass rush against the Bengals and Jets) and look to have another great game. The Bills are undergoing a quarterback change with Trent Edwards being benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fitzpatrick is more "gun-happy"- and as a result, the Bills will be throwing the ball downfield. If he has no time to throw the ball, look for the Patriots secondary to capitalize on bad throws. Then again, that's what I said last week against the Jets.

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2. Aaron Hernandez - Hernandez is just a player who creates mismatches everywhere. With Randy Moss drawing double coverage and with Wes Welker stealing a safety and cornerback, look for Hernandez to be playing one on one with a linebacker. He should be looked at all game, as long as Tom Brady doesn't lock on to Moss all day. If Brady spreads the ball, Hernandez should be looking at an 8 catch, 150 yard and 2 touchdown game.

3. 13-0 - The Patriots have a 13 game winning streak against the Bills. No way that ends on Sunday, especially at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots have the Bills number and they have to win.