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Week 3 Thread #2: Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots - 2nd Half Thread.

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Some notes for the first half:

~Surprise starters: Kyle Arrington started over Darius Butler, Jermaine Cunningham started over Tully Banta-Cain, James Sanders started over Brandon Meriweather.

~Danny Woodhead looks like a great pick-up. He has the potential to be a player in the mold of Leon Washington and that would greatly help the Patriots' running game's versatility.

~Tom Brady looked collected at the end of the 2nd half drive.

~Meriweather and Butler haven't looked good in coverage. Meriweather looked solid in run defense.

~Brady has had all day to throw the ball.

~Aaron Hernandez is having one HECK of a day.

~So is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gross.

~Patriots have been getting solid pressure on the quarterback, but the secondary has been playing like 2008.

~The secondary is still giving receivers free releases, allowing them to make cuts and get away from coverage. If the quarterback doesn't have a lot of time to throw, why do they give receivers time to get open!?

~The Bills have been running outside all day. They get stopped up the middle (except for Fitzpatrick's great QB sneaks), but the Bills have been great at sealing the outsides and giving their running backs lanes to cut through. Kudos to the Bills interior line for being great at pulling and getting downfield.

~Patriots need to stop their mistakes if they want to pull away with a victory. Don't turn the ball over, stop taking terrible angles on defense and don't let Fitzpatrick run up the gut.

But second half discussion starts here!