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New England Patriots Links 9/28/10 - Offensive Line Providing Protection, Opening Holes

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<em>Sebastian Vollmer knows the reason Tom Brady's uniform is so clean</em>.
Sebastian Vollmer knows the reason Tom Brady's uniform is so clean.

Bill Belichick addresses the media Monday morning with his usual in-depth and detailed responses.

After looking at the tape this morning and going through it with the players this afternoon, a few big plays in the game really turned out, I think, to be a big factor. We were able to make a couple stops in the red area and finish our drives and get the ball in the end zone. Of course, the turnovers were big. We kind of offset things there with a long kickoff return, but fortunately we were able to just do a little bit more there. [In] the drive before the half, there were a couple good plays offensively, good situation football. It was good to get out of there with three [points] and neutralize the three we gave up when Buffalo had the ball there and kicked the field goal right before the half. [It's] always tough against Buffalo. That's the way it looked on film. That's the way it was yesterday. I'm sure it will be that way next time, too.

Q: On C.J. Spiller's kickoff return, what did you see from a Patriots perspective? Was it well covered?

BB: Obviously not.

Tully Banta-Cain assesses the defense's performance after the win against Buffalo.

"Obviously, no one's happy about giving up 30 points, but I still think that there's a lot of room for improvement. It isn't anything where we're going to panic or anything like that. I just think that we're not playing complete team defense. You have flashes of guys playing well in certain departments. You know – the D-line sometimes plays well, the linebackers play well, the secondary...but, it's not consistently doing it at the same time. So I think once we put together a complimentary game with all those departments, you'll see a good defense."

That's usually always the case [that the defense will improve as the season progresses]. I think when you start off, you kind of don't know what you have. You have to get guys in certain situations and see how they react. As the season goes on, coaches can see what positions guys are best in to do their best. So, right now, we've only played three games, so it's still early in the season. We have a lot of improvement to work on and I think we'll see it.