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Patriots Release DL Damione Lewis

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Mike Reiss has reported that the Patriots have let go of DL Damione Lewis. Lewis was a long shot to make the roster due to the logjam of average players on the defensive line. Unfortunately for Lewis, he was one of the average players without any real upside.

Lewis was an off-season pick-up, along with DL Gerard Warren. The Patriots have been looking for a player to replicate the success Richard Seymour had at the RDE position; Lewis was not the solution. Lewis was playing with the 3rd stringers for a lot of the preseason and it was evident that he was not going to be a star on defense. Lewis was outplayed by rookie 7th round pick Brandon Deaderick, 2009 draftees Ron Brace (yay!) and Myron Pryor, as well as veterans Mike Wright and Warren.

The bad? The Patriots aren't releasing Lewis because some superstar has emerged at the position. The good? The younger players (Deaderick, Brace and Pryor) have shown enough that the coaching staff is confident enough to release Lewis, even with Ty Warren out for the season.

My projected depth chart:

RDE: Mike Wright, Myron Pryor

NT: Vince Wilfork, Ron Brace

LDE: Gerard Warren, Brandon Deaderick