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New England Patriots Links 9/30/10 - Monday Night A 'Must Win' for Both Teams

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Bill Belichick talks about the more varied offense this year, with Tom Brady spreading the ball around to more receivers.

I think Tom has always tried to throw to the open receiver. We've always, I think for the most part, moved the ball around and had a number of different guys on the receiving end of his passes. We don't design plays [and say], 'Well, we're going to go back and throw to this guy,' or 'we're going to go back and throw to that guy.' We try to keep everybody involved in the play and then depending on how the defense and what kind of coverage they present to the quarterback, he'll make hopefully the right decision about where to go with the ball and those players will be open based on there being less coverage in that part of the field. That's kind of how we set it up. Q: When you did self scouting in 2009, did you find that he had targeted Wes Welker and Randy Moss too much and maybe forced it there? 

Again, as a quarterback, you want to throw the ball to the receivers that are open. If you have confidence in certain receivers being open, sometimes you tend to give them a little longer look or maybe you stay with them a little bit longer because, all other things being equal, if you have a choice of going here or going there, you go to maybe the most confidence in. That comes up a lot in the passing game where you have not just one guy to throw to, but if they play a certain coverage you can go to A or B or if they play a different coverage you could go to B or C, however you have it set up. I think Tom always tries to do the right thing and do what's best. Sometimes that's, like I said, to give the receiver you have the most confidence in a little longer.

Tom Brady responds to a question about if everyone is okay with the ball distribution.

Well, we're all trying to win out there. So as long as we're doing well, I think everybody's happy. When we're not doing well, everyone's trying to figure out what the issues are. I've never met a receiver that didn't say, "I was open." Then I watch the film and there's three guys on him. I've come to kind of expect that from the receivers...and they want the ball. They're going to tell me when they're open and when they're somewhat open. It's not very often that they're like, "Yeah, they really covered me on that one. You could've thrown it. It would've had to have been right here, but...' You know, fit it into a window about 'that big' from 50 yards down the field.