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Broncos Release Jarvis Green

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In a move that has come as a surprise to many, the Denver Broncos have released former Patriot defensive end Jarvis Green. Green left for Denver after signing a big free agent contract this offseason.

In his lone season as the full-time starter, Jarvis Green didn't perform as many expected in 2009. Since Green's departure, the Patriots have inserted Mike Wright as the starting right defensive end.Still, with Ty Warren out for the year, it would make sense if the Patriots looked into bringing Green back. The two sides kept an open dialogue throughout free agency, and it doesn't seem as if any bridges were burned.

If the Patriots did bring back Green, I don't think it would be as a full-time starter. I think he would play both end spots, as well as tackle in sub-packages. If he could get back to his pass rushing ways of last decade, he could become a solid piece along the defensive line for the Patriots.