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Tom Brady and Patriots Agree to Contract Extension

Early last month, the writers of Pats Pulpit nearly unanimously chose Tom Brady's contract situation as the story that would be the most overplayed in 2010. That storyline will be overplayed no more, as Tom Brady and the Patriots have agreed to a contract extension that will pay the future Hall of Fame quarterback through 2014. reports:

Peter King reported during NBC's halftime show that the Patriots have finalized a four-year contract extension with Tom Brady that runs through 2014. The information comes directly from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft and King didn't discuss contract terms, but King says it's "safe to say" Brady is now the league's highest paid play averaging roughly $19 million a year.

The deal will be official on Friday when the Patriots file paperwork with league office in New York.

And just like that, the biggest weight on the Patriots' future has been lifted. Tom Brady will be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots for the next five seasons, at least. Now, there will be no more ridiculous rumors of a growing "disconnect" between Brady and the Patriots. There's no chance that Brady will be the biggest free agent in NFL history. Whatever nonsense you were thinking of, get it out of your head.

I could go on and provide more analysis of the deal. But to be honest, we all know how great Tom Brady is. Having him and Belichick make the team a championship contender until 2014 at the minimum. Brady will also get the chance to work with the young new core the Patriots have been developing on both sides of the ball.

The bigger question is, what becomes the next over-hyped storyline following the Patriots? Could it be the Randy Moss contract situation? Youth on defense? Pass rush issues. Honestly, who knows. Tonight, however, is a great night for Patriots fans, so enjoy it.

Of course, when more specifics of Brady's contract become available, we will post them here. Until then, stay tuned!

Update: Peter King now has some contract numbers. The deal is officially for four year and $72 million. $48.5 million will be guaranteed. The deal makes Brady the highest annually paid player in NFL history.