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New England Patriots Links 1/13/11 - Jets Show Their 'Class', Pats Let It Pass

Tom Brady is asked to respond to Cromartie's comments.

"We’re just going to get ready to play. I’m more concerned about what our offense does. We’re spending our time getting ready to play. I don’t think we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we can do to combat what people may say about us. Not everybody has great things to say about our team or our organization. That’s kind of the way it’s always been. We’re just going to do our talking on the field, like we’ve always chosen to do."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is asked if it makes his job a little easier that Coach Belichick kind of insulates the team from [the trash talking], puts it on himself and doesn't want you guys to respond to it?

I don't really pay too much attention to what's going on in the news. Right now I'm just trying to bury my head in the playbook and go out there at practice and work hard and get ready for the team on Sunday.

That's kind of really the only thing we knew around here - or that I knew for that [matter], because I haven't been anywhere else. It's just about our business, doing business, and business being done.

Rob Ninkovich addresses whether pregame trash talking has affected the team at any point this year

"We just focus in on playing football and don't listen to everything else out there and focus in on having a good week of preparation and being ready for Sunday because that's what really counts."