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Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs Calls Out Tom Brady, Again

Late Wednesday evening, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs picked up were Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie left off as Suggs took another blast at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  It appears that opposing defensive players just don't take a liking to Brady.

Suggs appeared on Sirius XM's Mad Dog Radio earlier to discuss the Ravens upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It didn't take Suggs very long to sway from the topic of his upcoming game, and take another shot a Brady, who he's not been a fan of throughout the season.

"Man, this guy’s got the world," Suggs said.  "He’s winning Super Bowls and dating supermodels.  It don’t get much better than that . . . rules made for him.  He gets to tell the referee when to throw the flag."

Earlier this season, Suggs took a shot at Brady and the Patriots as he called their Super Bowl titles "fake" and "questionable", referring to the Patriots 2007 Spygate investigation.

If the Patriots take care of business against the Jets on Sunday, and the Ravens defeat the Steelers on Saturday, Brady and Suggs will finally meet on the field, where Suggs will likely voice his opinion about Brady even more  throughout the week leading up to the game.