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New England Patriots Links 1/17/11 - Over And Out

<em>Alge Crumpler, one of the few on offense who came to play, scores a TD Sunday</em>.
Alge Crumpler, one of the few on offense who came to play, scores a TD Sunday.

Bill Belichick offers his post-game remarks.

Well, obviously a disappointing way to end the season. We just didn't do enough things well today to win. That's obvious. The Jets did better than we did. We just have to go on from here, but that's a tough way to end it. We're a better team than [the way] we played today, but we weren't today, so that's all of our responsibilities - all of us that participated in the game. We just didn't do a good enough job.

I think overall the Jets did a good job. That includes everybody, not [to] single anybody out. They all did a good job - better than we did.

Tom Brady talks about the shock of the season being over, especially with the high expectations from the team and the fans.

It's like you're on the treadmill running at 10 miles an hour and then someone just hits the stop button. I think we certainly expected to play better today. I think we're a pretty good football team, but not when we play like today. Like I said, a lot of the credit goes to the Jets and the way their players performed. It's disappointing the way we performed. I certainly wish I did a better job.

I think our expectations were very high. I think you finish the way we did - we won a bunch in a row against some very good teams and played well... But playoff football comes and really it comes down to who makes the plays and we made too many mistakes. It's totally a new season. There is a sign back there that said 0-0 and that's the truth. Every team really has the same opportunity once you're in the playoffs and we've seen that throughout the playoffs. A lot of teams had great seasons, but there's ultimately only one Super Bowl winner and in order to get to that game and to win it, you've got to play really well in the playoffs. I think that the teams that are still playing have played really well. I think the teams that aren't, certainly haven't played their best games.



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