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New England Patriots Links 1/18/11 - Big Decisions Looming In Off Season

Bill Belichick holds his post-season presser and talks a bit about the future.

Well, definitely today's a day where it's sort of like things happened and it ended unexpectedly. You always think your season's going to continue. We had a lot of confidence going into the game and it didn't work out, so [it's] a disappointing day. We had our chances yesterday, but in the end, [we] couldn't make as many plays as they did, so that's the result. That's playoff football. There were certainly a lot of good things that happened for us this season, but that definitely gets overshadowed by the final results. We'll have to work hard to get back to this point in the future. We'll go forward. There are a lot of things in the future that are questions that we just can't answer and probably won't be able to answer for quite a while - a lot of things that are out of our control as an individual football team that are related to a bigger picture. We'll deal with those in due course and in the meantime, we try to deal with some of the things that we can have some control over and move forward in our preparation in the offseason on things like the draft and stuff like that, that we'll know we'll have an opportunity to work on. So, that's where we're at for today.

Belichick is asked about decisions that will have to be made about some of the veterans.

I've talked to those players. It's a common situation every year with every team. I don't think we have to act like it's never happened before. I don't know if the day after the end of the season is the time to make a lot of decisions on those things. In due course, I'm sure those decisions will all get worked out. It will be a combination of factors: some by the players, maybe some by the club, maybe a combination of both. We'll just have to see how it goes. But, that's pretty common this time of year for every team to have a certain amount of players in that situation. Again, you communicate with it. You work your way through it and, in the end, it works out one way or another.