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New England Patriots Links 1/21/11 - Tom Brady Foot Surgery Successful

Surgery successful, Tom Brady should be ready for the start of camp.
Surgery successful, Tom Brady should be ready for the start of camp.

Tom E. Curran reports Tom Brady had surgery Thursday afternoon and he should be ready for camp.

Surgery to repair the chronic stress fracture in Tom Brady's right foot was completed Thursday afternoon around 4:30 p.m., according to a source.

The procedure, which included inserting a screw in the navicular bone, was a pre-emptive strike aimed at protecting Brady from suffering a full fracture in the future.

Brady is expected to be full-go and completely healthy by training camp, according to the source. He may be able to participate in mini- and passing camps in the spring as well.

As of Wednesday morning, Brady was planning to go to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. But after having his exit physical for the 2010 season, the fact this long-standing stress fracture was not healing was revealed.

The final decision to have the surgery was made Thursday morning. Dr. George Theodore and Dr. Thomas Gill performed the surgery at Mass. General Hospital.

The bone treated on Brady is the same one Red Sox' second baseman Dustin Pedroia had fixed last season. The reason Brady was able to play with his injury while Pedroia was not is that Pedroia's navicular stress fracture came from one event - a foul ball off his foot. Brady's injury is a repetitive use injury.

The recovery time for an injury like Brady's is generally longer than Pedroia's because of the chronic nature as opposed to it happening in one event.

Kirk Minihane gives his take on why Belichick had no choice but to discipline Wes Welker.

Those defending Wes Welker, I mean. Walk me through this: Bill Belichick told the Patriots at the beginning of last week not to get lulled into a war of words with the Jets. And everybody followed his order -- except for Wes Welker. He thought he could get away with one, and when Belichick reportedly asked him about it Welker wasn't exactly truthful.

Seems cut and dry to me. He disobeyed his boss and then lied about it when his boss confronted him. It's an easy call for Belichick. What else is he supposed to do? If he doesn't give Welker a rip for it what happens the next time he gives the players an order? He had to discipline Welker, there's no other call.

Look, feel free to blame Belichick for the Jets' loss. I'm fine with that, he was seriously outcoached by Rex Ryan. But understand this: Wes Welker is to blame for the benching on Sunday, not Belichick. Welker was selfish. He knew Belichick would be pissed if he found about the foot joke buffet. And he knew that his coach wasn't Pete Carroll -- Belichick wasn't going to let him get away with it if he got busted. But Welker went ahead with it anyway. Why? Because he thought it would be funny. And it was, I guess. Probably Belichick thought it was funny. But it doesn't make it right.