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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Championship Sunday

Well, this kind of sucks. Exactly one week ago, I think most Patriots fans were expecting to have the Pats playing today, hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC Championship. Unfortunately, feet fate intervened and the Patriots will be watching the National Football Conference and American Football Conference Championship games from home.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears, 3 PM EST

As a football fan, I should actually be able to enjoy this one. You've got two teams that have fought through some adversity (Green Bay on the verge of missing the playoffs, Chicago proving their doubters wrong), both peaking at the right time. Ultimately, I'm going to root for the Packers, because I think they have the best chance at beating the Steelers or Jets in the Super Bowl. Greg's Prediction: Packers 27 Bears 20

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers, 6:30 PM EST

Well, I just CAN'T WAIT for this sh*t-storm of a game. I feel like Vince Vaughn at the 45 second mark of this video. Honestly, I just cannot pick who I want to win in this game. I know too many Steelers fans and Jets fans that will be gloating if their team makes the Super Bowl either way. It's a lose-lose for me, but if you were holding a gun to my head I guess... I'd have to say... I want the Steelers to win and then lose in the Super Bowl. But it may be more satisfying to see the Jets lose in the Super Bowl. Wah! I will justify my pick: I'm taking the Jets because I don't trust Pittsburgh's offensive line, and I think Rex Ryan, god bless his feet, will come up with some unique scheme adjustments to rattle Big Ben. Greg's Prediction: Jets 16 Steelers 13


Feel free to use this story as an open thread until the games start!