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New England Patriots Links 1/24/11 - Steelers Do The Dirty Work, Shut Up Jets

<em>A rare photo of Rex Ryan with his mouth closed</em>.
A rare photo of Rex Ryan with his mouth closed.

Karen Guregian notes Tom Brady's guru Tom Martinez wasn't aware of how bad Brady's foot injury was.

"His dad mentioned his foot was bothering him, but it wasn’t like it was an injury," Martinez said. "I e-mailed back and forth with Tom and he never said anything. But he’s not the type to do that. He wouldn’t tell you if he got his leg amputated. That’s just the way it is. "I know stress fractures can be painful when they flare up. That makes what he did this year even more impressive."

Christopher Price lists ten things we learned Sunday:

The Jets peaked too soon. It was somewhere between the third or fourth missed tackle from Bart Scott and the crushing hit that Mark Sanchez took just before the end of the first half before the realization started to set in: After an emotionally draining win over the Patriots the previous Sunday in Foxboro, the Jets had nothing left in the tank.

Making their second AFC Championship Game performance in as many years, New York came out emotionally flat against the Steelers on Sunday night, and in the end, it cost them.

Doug Farrar(Yahoo! Sports) interviews Rodney Harrison, and here are a couple of his responses.

What do you miss most about playing?

Rodney Harrison: Probably just the guys - I don't miss the wear and tear, but I miss the guys. The conversations, the bonding periods, the opportunities to talk and get to know guys off the field and outside the realm of the locker room. Knowing them as men, as husbands and fathers and things like that.

What do you like best about TV analysis?

RH: It gives me an opportunity to stay close to the game. I'm really in a great situation because I'm with NBC, and what a first-class network that is. Being with Tony Dungy and Dan Patrick, just first-class guys. It just gives me an opportunity to share the football moments; the special times in each game and each week.