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Awards: Patriots Make the All-Pro Squad

The Patriots had a fantastic regular season, despite the unfortunate end. As a result, numerous Patriots made All-Pro teams, which signifies that they're the best players in the league at their position. Here are the results:

Quarterback: Tom Brady, First Team All-Pro (unanimous)

Tackle: Sebastian Vollmer, Second Team All-Pro (AP)

Guard: Logan Mankins, First Team All-Pro (AP)

Defensive Tackle: Vince Wilfork, Second Team All-Pro (AP)

Inside Linebacker: Jerod Mayo, First Team All-Pro (unanimous)

Cornerback: Devin McCourty, First Team All-Pro (Sporting News), Second Team All-Pro (AP)

Congratulations to all of the Patriots for their regular season success- let's hope they bring home the most important award next season.