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Rob Gronkowski leads list of three Patriots named to USA Today's All-Joe Team

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For those that have never heard of the award, USA Today says:

The All-Joe team was born in 1992 as a tribute to Joe Phillips, a 14-year defensive lineman who did yeoman's work for the Kansas City Chiefs that season. His work in the trenches didn't lead to much glory … unless you point to the 29 combined sacks of Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith, Kansas City's fifth-ranked defense or the team's wild-card run. USA TODAY has honored the unsung Joes of the NFL ever since.

The site had this to say about the number one Tight-End, Rob Gronkowski, "The 6-6, 265-pound rookie was most well-rounded of New England's formidable trio of tight ends, throwing big blocks while snaring 42 passes (10 for TDs)."

Sebastion Vollmer is 2nd in the list of Tackles, "Claimed job on right side in 2010 and may one day assume Matt Light's role on blind side."

In addition, Danny Woodhead is the 4th running back listed, "Typifies All-Joe ethos with willingness and ability to run, catch, block and tackle on special teams."

No Patriots were listed on the defensive side of the ball or on special teams.