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New England Patriots Links 1/28/11 - Happy 11th Anniversary Bill Belichick

<em>Brandon Meriweather made some key plays for the Patriots, despite what his critics would have you believe</em>.
Brandon Meriweather made some key plays for the Patriots, despite what his critics would have you believe.

Karen Guregian reports Bill Belichick was introduced as the head coach of the New England Patriots 11 years ago yesterday.

"It’s gone fast. That was certainly a great day," Belichick said of the anniversary following yesterday’s workout. "I appreciate the opportunity Mr. Kraft and his family gave me. I hope we continue doing it for a while. I know they entrusted a lot in me. I’m just proud to be a part of the organization and proud of what we’ve accomplished — even though there’s always more we could have done, and more we can do. I’m still proud of what we’ve done."

Karen Guregian notes Brandon Meriweather is confident he belongs at the Pro Bowl and doesn't listen to his critics.

"I’ll take this, because it gives you a little more confidence, knowing your peers think you’re one of the best playing your position," Meriweather said following the AFC’s practice at Kapolei High School. "It gives you confidence knowing you’re respected around the league."

"To be honest, we have a great coach when it comes to stuff like that," Merweather said. "He always tells us, all the time, that you can’t listen to what everyone says. He’ll let you know, one minute you can be the hero; the next minute, you can be the villain. So it all depends on who you are, and how you handle things.’’

"I want to get better at everything," Meriweather said. "I want to get to the point of being able to read player’s minds and see why they do some of the things they do, and just elevate my game in every way. I want to get better at the things I do well, not just the things I do bad."