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Sorry: SpyGate Revisited

Everyone knows SpyGate. It happened, it's a thing in the past, and, despite its questionable value, it will be a mark on the Patriots' decade of success. Well, recent events are getting swept under the rug extremely quickly and can't go without mention because we're Patriots fans.

The Jets had a camera on the sideline, facing the field and (as a result) the Patriots' sideline. Click the link for the picture. Now, before you jump to conclusions, teams are allowed to have video personnel on the sidelines for in house production. For example, the Patriots "All-Access" team is allowed to be on the sideline. They just have to be wearing the green vest like the Jets camera man is wearing. The camera man is allowed to be on the sideline. I cannot be more clear with that. The Jets were not violating any rules by having the cameraman on the sideline.

However, there are some definite question marks with the usage of in house cameras on the sideline. This isn't a question of the Jets methods, but it's for the NFL as a whole. With cameras pointing to the field, footage of the opposing sideline is a guarantee. It can't be helped. So what is to prevent a camera team on the sideline from "filming the game" at an angle where they can record the opposing staff?

Keep in mind that these cameramen are credentialed- just like Matt Walsh was when he was exposed for recording. The only difference between Walsh and what the other teams are doing is that Eric Mangini called out the Patriots. Walsh was found wearing Patriots' gear and was on the official credential list, just like this cameraman.

So what's to stop the current cameramen from filming the opposing sidelines, if they're allowed to be there? Could the NFL Offices examine the tapes before they're brought back to the team? Possibly. As of now, it seems like there's a large loophole in the system that needs to closed for the sake of competition.

It just felt like this was getting swept under the rug by the NFL.