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New England Patriots Links 10/13/11 - O-Line Preps for Rob Ryan's 'Kitchen Sink' Defense

Bill Belichick talks about how the Dallas defense is able to be so stingy against the run.

They have a lot of good players. They have a good scheme. They play good technique. They're strong, they're physical up front and they're fast. They don't give up many plays. You look at a lot of plays and the play starts you think, "There's a hole, this looks like a pretty good play' and all the sudden four guys hit him for a two-yard gain. They close very quickly. [Anthony] Spencer and [DeMarcus] Ware on the edge, I mean they're a problem. The inside linebackers especially [Sean] Lee runs well. Their defensive linemen are active. They really run well. They have good team speed. They haven't given up very many plays period - run or pass. That one of the big reasons, they converge on the ball so quickly. They have a lot of team speed - it's the fastest team we've played this year. Like I said, you look at plays and you stop the film and you say, "Looks like this is going to be a good play" and then it just collapses. They do a good job running the ball and they have a lot of fast guys.

Tom Brady explains how it's tough to prepare for a guy like DeMarcus Ware.

Sure, yeah. He can get after a quarterback as good as anyone we play. He's powerful, he's fast off the edge, he's got a bunch of different moves. It's not like you just set on the speed-rush and he'll speed-rush you and then he'll power you right into the quarterback. The first play of the season he sacked [Mark] Sanchez when they were playing the Jets and kind of had an up-and-under move. If he gets going early he's going to be a problem all day, so we've got to make sure we really account for him on every play.

It's tough to prepare for those guys. They're unique player. If we had someone like that on our team - there're just not many guys like that in the league. When you play a guy like that, you've just got to… the tackles and tight ends know they're up for a challenge. You try to give them help at times but at other times they're on their own, they've just got to stop them. As a quarterback you don't just drop back there and hold it and see how long you can hold it all day because eventually they're going to get there. You've got to make sure your making the right reads and that my passes and the timing of my passes are coordinated with our protection.

Logan Mankins says the Cowboys defense could be one of the fastest the Patriots will face.

"They’re really fast. The d-line’s fast, the linebackers are fast," Mankins remarked.

"A lot of that goes to effort," Mankins offered. "They’re all good players, and you throw effort on top of that … you see a lot of gang tackling. The running back’s getting hit by a lot of guys and the rest are running to the ball. Their defense is playing really good [football]."

"[DeMarcus] Ware, he’s a special player. He’s right up there in the best players of the league. He’s a problem if you let him become a problem."



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