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Patriots vs. Cowboys: Dallas a "Dangerous" Squad

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As the Patriots prepare to host the 2-2 Cowboys tomorrow afternoon at Gillette Stadium, there's no question that the Patriots will face a tough battle against a dangerous team. This Dallas team is a talented one. Talented, albeit inconsistent.

To gain a better perspective on the match-up, in the lead-up to tomorrow's game, I asked Blogging the Boys' Dave Halprin what his overall thoughts were on the Dallas quad, and how he felt about the "dangerous" label:

The Cowboys are a dangerous team - dangerous to others and dangerous to themselves! Dallas can contend with anybody this year, but have been their own enemy in the two losses. Rob Ryan's defense is functioning very well, the passing game is a definite threat, and the running game has started to pick up life. In addition, Dallas has had to play through numerous key injuries, and they're now pretty much healthy. If good Romo plays for a whole game, they are very dangerous to others. If bad Romo shows up, they are a danger to themselves.

Sunday's battle will definitely be a test for both teams, and a chance for both squads to prove themselves. Dallas has dealt with a lot of adversity through the early parts of this season. However, as Halprin explained, they are healthy now and have a chance to make a serious statement if they can come into Foxboro and pull out a win.