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Post Game Relief Thread

Vince Wilfork does his "speed bump" thing to keep Tony Romo on his toes.
Vince Wilfork does his "speed bump" thing to keep Tony Romo on his toes.

Wow.  Tom Brady wants nothing more than a mentally tough team... and he got it this afternoon.  The defense came up huge and kept the Patriots in the game.  All week long we've heard about how fast this Dallas offense was, how explosive those receivers are and, if good Tony Romo showed up, how much of a playmaker he can be.

Brady didn't have his best game, but was a machine on that final drive.  He was 27/41 with 289 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Of the Patriots 371 yards of offense, 101 were rushing yards.  Remember the Pats weren't supposed to have success running the ball against the Cowboys, but ended with a solid afternoon.  Brady even ran for 17 of them.  In slow motion.

Despite the predictions of a shoot-out, what we all watched was a defensive battle.  The turnovers made it a bit messy on both sides, and penalties slowed down the pace in the first half, but the story all pulled together in the final drive.  Tom Brady lead the offense on a 10-play, 80-yard TD drive with 2.31 minutes left on the clock, leaving Dallas down four points with only 22 seconds left and needing a TD to win. 

That's mental toughness.  (Now I just need to find a way to re-grow the hair I pulled out during the game.)