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Kevin Faulk, Ron Brace Returning to Practice

Yesterday, the Patriots released defensive backs Ross Ventrone and Sterling Moore, opening up two spots on the team's 53 man roster. Most speculated that the team could fill those spots with one or two of the four players eligible to come off of reserve lists: running back Kevin Faulk, offensive lineman Marcus Cannon, and defensive linemen Ron Brace and Brandon Deaderick.

Well, according to Mike Reiss of, Kevin Faulk and Ron Brace have told reporters that they are returning to pracitce.

Of course, while the Patriots have two open roster spots, the team doesn't need to fill them immediately. From the day that any PUP player begins to practice, the team has three weeks to decide whether to activate that player or place them on injured reserve.

With a bye week ahead of them as they have two weeks to prepare for the Steelers, the Patriots can take their sweet time when deciding which players to activate. Like the rest of Patriots nation, I'm really pulling for Kevin Faulk and I really hope he will be activated and ready to go against the Steelers.

And I don't just "want" the Patriots to get Faulk back, I think they could really use him. Danny Woodhead is a great change of pace back, but hasn't been as effective of a blocker this year as he was in 2010. Shane Vereen is healthy, but has yet to play a snap for the Patriots in his rookie year. Getting back a player like Kevin Faulk, who will have an instant rapport with Tom Brady a la Deion Branch, can only help the Patriots offense. So yes, I do believe that there is space for Faulk on the roster.